Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How to make a EPS from PPT

1. PPT ---(CutePDF) -> PDF

2. PDF ---(ToPS) -> PS (choose auto-rotate and center)

3. PS -> EPS

How to set a new printer named ToPS (

To install the MS Publisher Imagesetter virtual printer, open the `Printers` settings folder, and click `Add Printer`. Select a local printer; since it is virtual, select the FILE: port. Specify `Generic` as manufacturer, and then you can choose the MS Publisher Imagesetter.

After you install the printer, you may want to fine-tune its properties. To do so, open again the Printers setting folder, and right click on the printer; select `Properties`. Under `Device Settings`, set very low values (e.g. 5) to the following two parameters:

Minimum font size to download as outline

Maximum font size to download as bitmap

Next, go to the `Advanced` tab, and from there, select `Printing Defaults…`. In the window that opens, select `Document options`, then `Postscript options`. Set the following two options:

PostScript Output Option: Optimize for Portability

TrueType Font Download Option: Outline

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